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Annual subscription cost is based on the number of plans that you choose, with each plan's price determined by the number of US states that you select for the plan. A plan is one or more reports covering a particular aspect of the long term care industry data, such as financial indicators or quality measures. Most plans give you the option of selecting one state, five states, or all US states. Some plans, such as Medicaid Data, allow you to pick any number of individual states that you want. Here is a list of available plans, including descriptions and their pricing per number of selected US States:

BasicThis plan comes free with your subscription. Currently it includes a Provider Search report.All US States
CMS DataThis plan provides a broad range of reports covering three areas: Survey Data, Quality Measures, and PBJ Staffing. The Survey Data offers eleven separate reports covering all aspects of Scope & Severity tags (F, K, and E versions). The Quality Measures set has six reports, and PBJ Staffing has seven reports.1 State
5 States
All US States
Provider CompareThis extensive provider comparison tool permits cross analyzing up to four facilities side-by-side. Currently, there are six tabs (Summary, Quality Measures, Deficiencies, Financial Analysis, Medicare Analysis, Census, and Staffing) for assessment.1 State
5 States
All US States
Medicare SNF Cost ReportsThis plan furnishes you with complete annual SNF Medicare cost reports for all facilities in your chosen US states going back to 2011. You can select all worksheets or individual sets. As with all of our reports, you can save the cost report to a PDF file.1 State
5 States
All US States
State ComparisonThis All-US-States plan has a variety of reports for comparison. A iUS States Averages/i report shows state and national averages and ranking for quality measures. A iUS State Survey Data report does the same for Scope & Severity tags (F, K, and E versions). A iState Ranking Map provides three types (staffing hours, five-star ranking, provider saturation) of US maps – both choropleth and density-dot types.All US States
Medicaid DataThis plan is different from the others in that it allows you to subscribe to reports for particular states, such as Quality Metrics and Medicaid Rate Trend for the state of Washington. The pricing is per state.$FREE

Non-member purchase option - our Skilled Nursing Facility Cost Reports are affordably priced on a sliding scale for the same provider.

Cost reports for individual providers are $49.95 each. If you purchase additional yearly reports for the same provider, in the same purchase order, we offer discounts as shown in this list:

  • First report$49.95
  • Second report$44.95
  • Third report$39.95
  • Four or more reports$34.95